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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

As I was driving home from daily Mass, I was thinking about sacrifice.  Giving oneself completely for the other without considering the cost or expecting to be paid back.  I know many people who sacrifice for others, namely our military and their families.  Some sacrifice their family, their careers, and even their lives because they believe in something bigger than themselves.  Do I do that?  Sometimes.  Can I do better for my family?  Yep.  Can I do better for my faith?   Definitely!  Today's feast day was St. Martin of Tours, he gave up his prestigious position in the Roman army to become a monk.  He had to be tricked to become Bishop.  While I am not considering becoming a monk or a Bishop, don't think they will let me do that.  I do believe we can all sacrifice in little acts of love each day.  Doing something for the other even when you are tired or sick or inconvenienced.  Very few of us are called to great sacrifices like those in our military, but each day can be a great day if we sacrifice ourselves a little each day for the others in our lives.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Last weekend for my youngest son's birthday, we went to the Museum of Science and Nature to see the traveling exhibit of Sue the Dinosaur.  As you can see, Katie and I didn't get the message from the rest of the family that we were supposed to strike a pose.  Duh!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Birthday

Yep, I am now 43 or as my twin sister states I am celebrating the 14th anniversary of being 29.  I actually don't mind getting older.  I mind losing my brain.  I think I lost it some time between ages 34-39 (wait that would be the 5 year to 10 year anniversaries of being 29).   Everyone I talk to tells me, its the kids who cause it.  Yeah, maybe.  Sometimes, I think I just misplace my brain for a few days.  When I find it again, it is a welcome surprise.  Oh, I didn't realize it was lost in the first place.